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9/25/2014 - OUR NEW SHOWROOM IS READY! We are so pleased to be past the construction phase. We renovated our property and the new studio even has a new street address - 484 Williams St, Suite 100, Brattleboro, VT 05301. We have an internet office with a dedicated photography studio (and a growing family of vintage mannequins!), order packing stations, a showroom for guests with excellent lighting and a dressing room, and a warehouse of vintage inventory we are logging, cleaning and sorting.

Visitors are welcome to see us by appointment, just call first, to set up a time, as we are busy with the web businesses (and shopping for more great treasures)! The showroom # is 802-536-0127. Appointment slots are generally 1.5 hours, and Vincent and Jen will be available to personally assist you in your quest for the perfect vintage garment.


Morning Glorious' Putney shop, at 18 Kimball Hill in "the Black House," will be CLOSING in August 2012!

It's been two years, we loved the historic 1810 Black House, but it's time for us to move. Come by during our big 2 week closing sale between August 8th-18th; we'll be open Wed-Sat, 11-5. Many amazing vintage garments and accessories will be 20-50% off!!

Here's the BIG NEWS! We're excited that we are in the midst of buying a house in Brattleboro, and we will keep you updated with news about our future Brattleboro vintage showroom.
First, we must renovate! It will be conveniently located, and we plan to be officially up and running in 2013.

Also, starting with September 2012, we will have a booth of vintage goodies available at Twice Upon A Time in Brattleboro! We're delighted we'll be a part of that wonderful long-established store, which is truly a vintage destination. We will also continue to offer quality vintage garments and costume jewelry on our websites, and at the vintage shows.

For more information, call us at 802-536-0127.

   We are Featured in USA Today! March 30, 2012, the Travel Section:

10 Great Places to Shop For Vintage Clothing

Morning Glorious Vintage 

Putney, Vt. 

You'll find clothing more than a century old at this shop 90 miles east of Albany, N.Y. "They have pieces that go way back. Victorian blouses and bodices. Really beautiful, old stuff," author Melody Fortier says. But the shop carries wearable vintage too. Recent stock has included a 1920s flapper dress, a 1940s moire skirt suit and a 1970s halter maxi dress. 802-536-0127;  morninggloriousvintage.com

   Feb. 2012 -   INTRODUCING - MISTERBIBS VINTAGE! Our new vintage web shop just for the GUYS!! We are starting to list all our coolest menswear here - shirts, suits, sweaters, ties, cuff links, shoes and so much more. With a special emphasis on the best men's clothing from the 1940s-1960s, we have a great selection, at reasonable prices.

October 31, 2011.... we had a fabulous Halloween party here at the Black House again, for the 2nd year in a row! I think it's going to have to be an annual tradition for us at Morning Glorious! It's a chance to dress up (and you know how we LOVE that!), eat creepy-ugly but yummy food; trick-or-treat; AND be entered in our annual Morning Glorious Halloween Costume Contest! The top 3 winners for best costumes each receive a $25 shop gift certificate! Our spooky old house is the perfect setting, and our neighborhood is besieged with small and not so small folks doing their trick-or-treat-ing.

Here are some pics from both this year's and last year's parties. And if you're in Putney on Halloween in 2012, please plan to drop in!





Sept. 2010 -- Morning Glorious had a vintage jacket featured in ELLE magazine's Elle Dispatch: "Report from Brimfield - Military Jackets, Black Lace Skirts & Plenty of Leopard" By Andrea Grove

August, 2010 - Morning Glorious is opening a retail Vintage shop in Putney, Vermont! Watch this space for hours and details. The address is 18 Kimball Hill, in "the Black House!"

Morning Glorious Vintage was closed in July, 2009 while I was traveling in Caucasus Georgia. For 3 weeks I enjoyed Georgia's splendors - we lived amongst the beautiful mountains and stone towers of Svaneti and visited the tropical coastline of the Black Sea. I learned the songs of Georgia from song masters in their homes, and watched Svan dances and was fortunate to be invited to many supras (feasts). I treasure my new friends from this wonderful country. Here are some of my photos from Svaneti:




I love it when a customer sends me photos of themselves wearing the garments they have purchased! Here is a great little dress I sold right here on this website, and the beautiful girl who celebrated her birthday in it, with a swing dance party! Thanks for the pics, Ashley!

April 4, 2009


Morning Glorious organized a Vintage Fashion Show: 100 Years of Style, 1880s-1980s in Sept. 2008, in Grafton, Vermont for the Women's Community Club fundraiser. We raised $4000+ for scholarships for teenagers that day! The show was very well received. We had 31 live models, female and male - and 101 individual costume changes. Much of the clothing came from my inventory, and the rest was borrowed from local family collections and the Grafton History Museum. In addition, many other folks volunteered with hair styling, make-up, alterations and other aspects behind-the-scenes. The show was an enormous amount of work, and everyone on stage and in the audience had a blast!

A professional videographer, David Macdonald of D-mac Productions, made a DVD of the show, adding interesting old historical photography and film footage to complement our narration of the major  influences of the decades. The DVD is now for sale, and if you love vintage fashions, you should buy a copy! It's about 1 hour 20 min. long. And the proceeds continue to go to the Grafton Women's Community Club, a 501 C-3 whose mission it is to raise funds needed for continuing education for Grafton's eligible youth.

You can see a "teaser" of the video on YouTube! The 1930s section is here:

See the sidebar for purchasing information!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the Fashion Show....

Valerie in 1900, as a Gibson girl

Samantha, Shawna and Louise, flappers in the 1920s

Laurie in the 1930s

Rachel in the forefront in the 1940s, with Shawna, Lisa and Mona.

Lisa in the New Look, 1950s

February 28, 2009

Morning Glorious Vintage now has its own profile page at Facebook! You can become a fan of Morning Glorious here,  and see new photos updated weekly of items listed on this website, ebay and etsy! All in one handy spot!

Facebook is a lot of fun, but it sure can be a time waster, too! Every new facebook friend leads me down a path of exploration, looking at their friends, their groups and fan pages. And then there's the status updates. So witty, so clever! I now know so much more about everyone than I ever thought I would want to, LOL! It's a great way to network and keep in touch with friends, family, colleagues, etc. And despite what you may have heard, it's not just for teens. You can be 14 or 74 and enjoy facebook. See you there?

Morning Glorious Vintage



January 12, 2009

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet with a lovely lady in the Weathersfield/Ascutney, Vermont area. She is an artist and a farmer with a terrific 1850's Victorian farmhouse overlooking acres of blueberry bushes. She had the forsesight to save her mother's and aunt's suits and coats from the 1940s through the 1960s. But her New Year's Resolution was: these things she's been carting around all these years, need to go find new homes. That's where I come in.

My favorite part of the visit with her was seeing photos of her mom and aunt and another gal taken in a restaurant, I'd say around 1955, they were sipping beer from little glasses, and fixing their lipstick. They had darling dresses and clutch purses.

This is my own Mom when she was just 19 years old, on the far right. She is with her mother and sister.

I think vintage clothing is so appealing to me because it's all about memories. Sentimental, I am. But wearing vintage is also an act of conservation and recycling. And we sure do need that on this earth these days. Plus, when you wear vintage, you'll never, ever look just like anyone else!


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